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The CLPE is an independent UK charity with a global reputation for the quality of our research into literacy and teaching. Our work promotes high standards in the teaching of literacy. We particularly emphasise the importance of books and literature in enabling children to become confident, happy and enthusiastic readers and writers, with all the benefits this brings.

Inspiring Writers KS1
Enthuse and support children in KS1 with their writing. This training provides practical ideas that raise children's achievement in writing. Last chance to book this course which takes place on 29 March.
power of reading collage
If you enjoyed our FREE #BooksForOurWorld teaching sequences, subscribe to the Power of Reading website which is packed with resources including 180 teaching sequences and 1000's of examples of classroom practice. For just £300, the whole school can enjoy using resources for great books from EYFS to KS2.
That's not a daffodil.jpg

That's not a daffodil! by Elizabeth Honey

A simple story to celebrate Spring that conveys information about growth and is set in modern multicultural Australia.

CLiPPA 2016
Get your school involved with our Poetry Award (CLiPPA) 2017 through our Shadowing Scheme and win the chance for your children to perform on stage at the National Theatre alongside renowned poets. All the planning is done as we provide complete teaching sequences.
Lire , dire et rire
Experience high quality training over the next terms. Book on Inspiring Writers for KS1 and KS2, Phonics in a Rich Reading Curriculum, Grammar, Punctuation and Vocabulary and many more.
ERA 2017 Finalist
Our Poetryline website has been highly commended in this year’s prestigious Education Resources Awards 2017 in the Free Educational Category. CLPE was also shortlisted for our Power of Reading training and website.
We received some fantastic feedback for our Reflecting Realities: British Values in Children's Literature conference on 1 March. Read on to find out what happened on the day

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Shortlisted for the Education Resources Awards 2017 for Power of Reading training and website and the Poetryline website.