Building the Literacy Library

We are building a Literacy Library at the heart of our beautiful building in London to create a permanent home for our 23,000 children’s books and also a space which can be used not just by the 2,000 teachers who work with us at CLPE annually but which can also by literacy charities and literature organisations who currently don’t have access to an event, library or a training space. Our crowdfunding campaign to help us raise the rest of the funds to enable us to do this is doing well and we have exceeded our original target of £30,000 and are now looking to raise additional funds which will mean the build can start sooner. We invite support from everyone from the world of children's books, literacy and primary teaching.

You can donate via our crowdfunding page and can pledge your support by buying a shelf (£100), a book case (£500) or an alcove (£1000) in our new Literacy Library. There are many benefits for you and for schools you want to support – supporters will have their names permanently displayed in our new library displaying their commitment to supporting children’s literacy. 

Full details of the Building the Literacy Library fundraising campaign

Our building currently houses an outstanding reference collection of children’s literature and books for teachers. We welcome teachers, teaching assistants, publishers, the media, storytellers, researchers, librarians, educators and students to our library. Please visit our library section to find out more and how to book an appointment for a library visit.

Our expert librarian, Ann Lazim provides brilliant book recommendations from the best children's literature. Visit the Book of the Week page or follow us on Twitter @clpe1 to find out what Ann's recommending.

We publish themed booklists for use in schools. These cover a range of topics from Superheroes to Empathy and can be used across all key stages. Visit the Booklists page to see all our themed booklists.