Power of Reading

The Power of Reading and Power of Reading in the Early Years from CLPE are proven to raise children's literacy achievement. Established for thirteen years, over 4500 teachers have taken part in the projects which enhance teachers’ knowledge of high quality literature and develop their ability to use it creatively in the classroom.

This 4 day course includes:

  • 4 INSET sessions designed by our highly experienced team of teachers to ensure children are engaged by high quality literature
  • 2 packs of carefully chosen children's books (20 books per teacher) and selected associated teaching resources
  • An audit of classroom/school literacy provision and support to develop a whole school approach to reading and writing
  • Children's book groups to increase enthusiasm for high quality literature and understanding of how to share this in the classroom
  • A subscription to a resource-packed website which hosts over 190 teaching sequences for EYFS up to KS2, explanations of our teaching approaches and over 1500 examples of good practice
  • Opportunities to meet leading children's authors and poets such as Chris Haughton (SSHH we have a plan!) and CLiPPA 2016 winner Sarah Crossan (One)

Power of Reading and Power of Reading in the Early Years projects for 2017-2018 are taking place in the following regions:

Power of Reading

Central London - starts 21 September 2017. SOLD OUT

Central London - starts 28 September 2017. SOLD OUT

Central London - starts 5 October 2017. SOLD OUT

Central London - starts 12 January 2018. Book here

Barnsley - starts 10 November 2017. Book here

Birmingham - starts 6 October 2017. SOLD OUT . If you have missed booking on this popular training, let us know if you are interested in future training in Birmingham.

Kingston & Richmond - starts 13 October 2017. Book here

Liverpool - starts 3 November 2017. Book here

Medway - starts 7 November 2017. Book here

Newcastle - starts 9 October 2017. Book here

Peterborough - starts 17 November. Book here

Bristol - starts 25 January 2018. Book here

Power of Reading in the Early Years

Central London - starts 28 November 2017. Book here

The things I have learned have impacted my teaching considerably and our results in writing since the start of the project have exceeded expectations."
Project Teacher London 2015

Have a question about Power of Reading? Email [email protected]  or phone 020 7902 2295. Photography takes place at some of our events. If you have any concerns please email [email protected] or talk to a member of CLPE staff.