Power of Reading

The Power of Reading and Power of Reading in the Early Years are proven to raise children's literacy achievement and engagement. More than 5000 teachers have taken part in the projects which enhance teachers’ knowledge of high quality literature and develop their ability to use it creatively in the classroom.

This 4 day training includes:

  • 4 whole day INSET sessions designed to develop teachers’ subject knowledge and ability to implement the programme immediately in their classrooms
  • Practical and evidence based training to enhance knowledge of the approaches proven to raise children’s engagement and attainment in reading and writing
  • A whole school subscription to the resource-packed website with access to nearly 200 teaching sequences and 1000 examples of good practice, supporting class teaching and CPD from EYFS up to KS2
  • An additional free place for a senior leader on the first and last days to support whole school engagement
  • 20 books for each teacher on the course, carefully chosen to increase knowledge of high quality literature to use in their classroom and develop their own responses as readers
  • Gap tasks designed to support the successful implementation of the programme including how to improve the literacy environment 

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Book for Central London Power of Reading training 2018-19 

Book for Bristol Power of Reading training 2018-19

Book for Liverpool Power of Reading training 2018-19

Book for Cambridgeshire Power of Reading training 2018-19

To book for other regional training, please email [email protected]

In 2016-2017 

  • 98% of teachers said that the project had raised children’s engagement in reading.
  • 99% of teachers said that the project had raised children’s engagement in writing.

“Children have moved from being reluctant readers to asking for books and going to the library outside of school. I have been told "This is the greatest book I have ever read!" or "Don't stop reading!"

“The Power of Reading teaching sequences offered the most exciting opportunities for writing. The children were very engaged during these literacy lessons and some of their best writing came from it.”

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